Our Commitment

Delivering the highest quality service and care. 
Dr. Sara J. Giali Dr. Denise Y. Belisle Dr. Mia Lynne Van Eken Dr. Elisa M. Muniz Dr. Tracey K. Peatross Dr. Julie T. Adams Dr. Nancy F. Ference

Valley Women for Women - Accepted Insurance Plans

We promise to deliver the highest quality service and care to our patients. As a patient at Valley Women for Women, you can expect:


  • Unbiased care.  Our providers do not earn a bonus based on"productivity" for volume of patients, number of surgical procedures, or amount of charges they bill.  The care you get is unbiased by our providers' personal financial considerations.
  • Patient Choice.  The provider you see is your decision.  We strongly encourage that you form a relationship with your provider of choice.  If your expectations are not met, please request a different provider.  Other than satisfaction of providing great care, our providers have no incentives to compete for patients.  We want to keep you happy, and we collaborate to meet your preferences and to make decisions in the best interest of your health.
  • Respect.  We respect you, and try to accommodate your preferences and your time.  We do not overbook our providers. We strive to minimize your wait time and to give you the time with your provider that you deserve.  We have a dedicated physician on call who is not scheduled in the office during call. You can generally rely on your scheduled appointment time (exceptions include illness of provider, rare emergency at hospital requiring more than one physician).  Further, out of respect for our established patients, we do not manipulate our scheduling template to ensure space for "Same Day" or "New Patient" appointments.  While new patients can generally get in for an appointment within a reasonable time (and often on the same day), we do not manipulate the schedule at the expense of our valued established patients.
  • Convenience. We build in conveniences to accommodate busy women.  Examples include in office lab draw stations, in office ultrasounds, early morning and evening hours and midwifery services.

About Our Web Ratings:
We appreciate the satisfied patients who have reviewed us positively on the various websites which rate doctors. However, users at some websites have posted negative reviews about us.  While some of these are unfortunately genuine - and we regret that any patient may leave our offices unfulfilled - we have hard evidence that many of these comments are not genuine.  They are posted by competitors who envy our success and reputation. Often, these same competitors "pump" their own practices on the rating sites. State Attorneys' General are beginning to crack down on these unethical pump and dump marketing methods and are levying fines. We are proud of our reputation and encourage potential patients to ask around rather than trust potentially inauthentic web ratings from people they do not know. We encourage any patient to call a manager if ever unsatisfied with an experience with our practice.

In the end, fraudulent negative ratings posted by competitors are annoying, but we firmly believe that in the long run, our efforts to focus intensely on our patients' satisfaction will win out.  Our rebuttal to a few of the misleading or incorrect postings follows:

Claim:  Valley Women for Women sells patient data.
Truth:  This is not true.  We protect patient privacy and records vigilantly, and we never have nor never will sell patient data. We one time several years ago, made the regrettable mistake of contacting our patients via email to offer a Med Spa special offered by our sister company Valley Med Spa which has the same ownership as Valley Women for Women. We admit this was wrong and learned our lesson, and immediately discontinued the sharing of emails between the medical practice and spa. Since then, our spa email list has been strictly "opt-in", and has never been shared with any party.

Claim:  Valley Women for Women calls other practices to recruit their key employees.
Truth:  This has never happened.  While many employees including doctors and nurses have joined our practice from other practices in the community, we have never initiated the contact.  We have only ever responded to a resume or curriculum vitae or application submitted first to us.  We respect the professionals and their employers in the medical community.

We thank our loyal and satisfied patients.  If ever you are genuinely dissatisfied, please contact us so we can resolve the issue.